for bad bots

Allin KHG


When Allin KHG’s father gave him “The First Toy” the artist remembers appreciating the gift but also being disappointed by how ordinary it was. Over the course of the weeks that followed the artist made appealing alterations which would deliver the toy from mundane to one-of-a-kind; and which acted as the geneses for more than 25 years or creativity.


From 1989 through 2013 “The First Toy” bounced around in boxes and bumbled from shelf to shelf following the artist and occasionally making new altered toy friends. In 2013 the artist gathered its pieces and began the process of bringing “The First Toy” back to life. The speaker had been the first thing to go out, the animatronics had lost a step and the paintjob had been the work of a smartass high school student. Allin repaired the speaker and transplanted new animatronic actions from a working model by the same company before adding fresh paint and its witch hand.



Bringing that first toy back to life rekindled a passion, in the artist, that had gone stale for some years. Inspired and back in the studio Muses For A Nightmare began rising from the toy hackers shop. Toys with no function evolved new actions, gained rejuvenated function and were born anew with finishes sourced from a litany of aerosol paints. Often centered around dark humor or perverse wit, Allin KHG’s Muses For A Nightmare are anything but ordinary.