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Cynthia Brown



Artist Statement


For me, creating an abstract painting is a act of discovery; an intuitive process of adding, subtracting, layering and communicating with the media I use. 

I don't begin with a preconceived idea of what will occur on my canvas, but instead start with spontaneous mark making and responsive color selection. As the process unfolds the work begins to reveal its nature and I do my best to capture what occurs.

Mood, music and dance are all a part of this collaboration. I try to honor my intuition and the ever-changing present moment. Simply put, I allow the painting to happen.

Artist Bio

Since I was a child my first love was always painting. In 1985, I received my BFA in painting from the University of Tulsa, but I shifted my focus to ceramic sculpture over the next twenty years and received my MFA from University of Tulsa in 2001 in ceramics.

In 2010, I began to pursue my painting with new vigor and enthusiasm. In August 2013, I quit teaching high school art to focus full time on my painting.