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Gayle Curry


Gayle Curry, who’s noted local collections include the Devon Tower and OU Children's Physician Building, is a career artist who has exercised her skill in many media over the years though recent focus has been in encaustic. The aggressive and visceral medium is a paint made from pigment mixed with melted beeswax and resin which after application is fixed by heat. “Color is a significant component; I thrive on the challenge of its subtleties and possibilities, which are limitless in how to articulate a message.” Says Curry, “To create tension is also part of my goal in a final work. Tension stirs surface and deep emotion in potential viewers and myself. I strive to combine calm and crazy, light and dark in order to construct an unexpected reaction.” The artist is particularly drawn to abstraction and mixed media because of its meditative qualities. The artist notes, “The purpose of my work is to find a way to express a vision without being literal; I explore form, shape and color and work them on a surface until I evoke emotion.”