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Laurie Justus Pace

Texas artists in Oklahoma City exhibit look at contemporary West

June 19, 2016 - BY JOHN BRANDENBURG For The Oklahoman

Texas artists in Oklahoma City exhibit look at contemporary West

BY JOHN BRANDENBURG  For The Oklahoman Published: June 19, 2016 18shares

"The Arrival" by Laurie Justus Pace. [Photo provided]

Two Canyon, Texas, artists are exploring the contemporary West in an Oklahoma City show.

Equine oils by Laurie Pace and oil landscapes by Mary Bechtol are at Kasum Contemporary Fine Art.

Wild horses are made out of broad, multicolored brush strokes, and palette knife slashes, in Pace's animated oils.

Horses seem to materialize from the “Blue Mist” in one Pace oil, and line up across the picture plane in “The Gathering.”

By contrast, black and white predominates in Pace's “Midnight Gathering” and “Evening Shadows When Stars Appear.”

Pace is an art teacher as well as artist who founded “Visual Language Magazine” and co-founded four working groups of artists.

Bechtol is a registered nurse and artist who has raised three daughters with her husband, who is a veterinarian and wildlife photographer.

Bechtol brings a subtle, nuanced touch to her smaller oils of a “Panhandle Dust Storm” and the line of trees in a “Purple Landscape.”

More panoramic, but relying almost too much on dark marks and outlines, are Bechtol's larger paintings, such as an oil of “Sun Over (a) Field.”

Two more large format oils by Bechtol depict a “Plowed Field With Blue Poplars” and the “Big Conejos” river.