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Mary Bechtol


June 14, 2015 - Daily Oklahoman


Kasum Contemporary Fine Art will be exhibiting at ART Santa Fe International Contemporary Art Fair July 9-12. Kasum will be the first gallery invited to exhibit from Oklahoma in the history of the fair.

Kasum will exhibit works of 12 Oklahoma artists: Thomas Batista, Jonelle

T. McCoy, Michelle Himes McCrory, Brett McDanel, Stacey D. Miller, Morgan Robinson, Barbara Scott, Mark Sisson, Kevin Stark, Joe Turk, Jane Turnbull and Katherine Liontas-Warren.


“Spotlight Color”

May 15, 2013 - Paseo

Friday, June the 7th Paseo Originals Art Gallery is set to open “Spotlight Color” which will focus on artists’ use of color in their works to evoke an emotional response. The opening reception for the exhibit will be held in the feature gallery at Paseo Originals from 6:00 to 10:00 PM during the evening of the First Friday Artwalk on Paseo. “Spotlight Color” will run through Sunday, June 30th. The exhibit will focus on two artists; local encaustic guru Gayle Curry and noted contemporary master oil painter Mary Bechtol. While their work is juxtaposed in style, representational versus abstract, both artists passionately embrace vibrant tones to create push and pull on the observers emotions.


“Still Life – Fast Moving”

January 15, 2012 - Paseo Originals Art Gallery Staff

February is "The Art of the Heart" month on the Paseo, and it is no surprise to see the the Oklahoma Heart Hospital combining forces with the Paseo Arts District to show support for Heart Health month. While the use of the arts in healing can be traced back centuries through religious practices, a growing body of evidence now shows that the arts do far more than simply soothe the savage breast. New clinical research is quantifying the health benefits of the arts, from pain relief to faster recoveries. You may now be wondering how can art help my heart? Viewing artwork with appropriate nature content has been seen to reduce stress and pain perception, as measured by physiological outcomes such as blood pressure, heart-rate, and skin conductance. In fact trials by a medical team in the UK found that stress (measured by levels of the stress hormone coristol) was 48 per cent lower in patients exposed to visual arts or music, compared to those exposed to neither. As Dr. Graham-Pole MD says, "Art is a social determinant of our health. It doesn't cure a particular disease, but benefits whatever ails you." This February, Paseo Originals Art Gallery is featuring the soothing natural scenes of Mary Bechtol's exquisite oil on canvas paintings and the earthy slab built ceramic vessels of Jane Turnbull.