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Stacey D. Miller


Born into a tight-knit family in 1981 and raised in the Oklahoma countryside, Stacey Dianne Miller knew at a young age that she had an inspired interest in all things artistic. At the age of fifteen, she obtained employment as an apprentice under Master Ceramicist Don Poole. The six year apprenticeship lent lasting influence on her work and her career.

In 2006 Stacey completed her Baccalaureate in Fine Art at East Central University, Ada, OK, a degree that was funded in part by the the Ada Arts Association Scholarship, the Gladys Kendall Art Scholarship and the Alphi Chi Art Award. Under the tutelage of professor and artist Kate Rivers she developed an intense devotion to printmaking and networked artistic relationships that would provide additional educational and career building opportunities. Through the development of those relationships Miller found opportunity to study under Indrani Gall, protégé of Keith Howard, learning various techniques of the ImagOn printmaking process and acquired an assistant position with the Los Milagros Printing Studio under the watchful eye of artist Lynn Barnett Sparks.

Perfecting her craft in artists community at Los Milagros Studio, Miller was able to expand her printing repertoire and shortly thereafter took a position as the Studio Manager and Printmaking Instructor at the [Press] at Untitled at [Artspace] at Untitled, Oklahoma City, OK, the largest open printing facility in the state. During her three and a half years of work there Stacey found herself immersed in a cadre of career artists including John Paul Philipe, Christine Sefolosha, Nick Bubash, Katherine Liontas Warren, Bert Seabourn, Michi Susan, Jenifer Lynch and Julia Ayres. A constant sponge through the years, Miller acquired expertise in all major printmaking processes with the exception of serography. She has also taught numerous workshops and private lessons in different printmaking techniques.

Though technically adept in a large array of media, Miller considers herself to be a mixed media artist with a primary focus in printmaking. Exhibiting vivid colors, Stacey's artistic compositions are self-indulgent in nature. The artist states, "As a child I developed an extravagant imagination, a defense mechanism, for combating the fears for which I had few available outlets. Over the years my ability to spin negatives into positives became habitual, most unwitting, and intensely biographical. A trickle of fear becomes a stream within my mind, a stream that tacks furiously and swiftly transforms into a widened river of anxiety. My artwork is not created to captivate, inspire or beget emotion. My art is my form of therapy."

In 2011, Stacey was presented the Oklahoma Artist of the Year Award by the Paseo Arts Association. She now focuses less on community arts programming and more on developing her artistic endeavors. Currently working out of her home printing studio, Miller still finds time to mentor and instruct. Miller has exhibited her artwork nationally in over eighty solo, group, invited, permanent, and juried exhibitions. Staceys work is collected by educational institutes, companies and private collectors throughout the United States and abroad.


General Artist Statement

A latch key kid in a tight-knit household, I was raised deep in the Oklahoma countryside where, at an early age, I learned how to keep myself entertained. As a child I developed an extravagant imagination, a defense mechanism for combating the fears for which I had few outlets. Over the years my ability to spin negatives into positives became habitual, most unwitting, and intensely biographical. A trickle of fear has always become a stream within my mind, a stream that tacks furiously and swiftly transforms into a widened river of anxiety. My artwork is not created to captivate, inspire or beget emotion.  My art is my form of therapy.

While the conception of my series work is subconsciously driven, completing individual works is more about the process and less about the product. When conceiving a new series I work by building compositions directly on the substrate with little preconception of the finished designs. My creative method allows the subconscious narrative to develop, a story that transcends the images themselves. Seldom is this tome understood prior to my completing several volumes. Once I understand this autobiography, the series becomes more process oriented and I look to challenge myself in the technical production of new pieces while seeking altered perspectives of the repetitive metaphors represented.

Having apprenticed, studied, and worked with a diverse assemblage of artists I have gained proficiency over a large array of media and technical methods. Such a background has motivated me to develop innovative methods of controlling specific media such as oil based printing inks. Though my techniques have been influenced by many, my inspiration is always self-indulgent and thus the importance of my work is self-derived. My art must speak by visual means alone to allow the observers to interpret the work according to their own experiences.


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