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Stacey D. Miller


June 14, 2015 - Daily Oklahoman


Kasum Contemporary Fine Art will be exhibiting at ART Santa Fe International Contemporary Art Fair July 9-12. Kasum will be the first gallery invited to exhibit from Oklahoma in the history of the fair.

Kasum will exhibit works of 12 Oklahoma artists: Thomas Batista, Jonelle

T. McCoy, Michelle Himes McCrory, Brett McDanel, Stacey D. Miller, Morgan Robinson, Barbara Scott, Mark Sisson, Kevin Stark, Joe Turk, Jane Turnbull and Katherine Liontas-Warren.


Artist In Residency

March 7, 2014 - [Press] at Untitled at [Artspace] at Untitled

We are thrilled to announce that the March Artist in Residence at the [Press] at Untitled at [Artspace] at Untitled is represented gallery artist, Stacey D. Miller. During her residency Miller will be developing a print edition with Master Printer Ed Gruber, Master Printer at the [Press] at Untitled.

Miller is a mixed media artist with a primary focus in printmaking. She is very familiar with the print world and has been a printmaking instructor herself. She has exhibited her artwork nationally in over 80 solo, group, invited, permanent and juried exhibitions. Stacey's work is collected by educational institutions, corporations and private collectors throughout the US and abroad.


“The Flying Jewels”

October 15, 2012 - Paseo Originals Art Gallery Staff

The humble hummingbird has an aeonic history of reverence which dates considerably beyond the endurance of it's tiny brittle bones. Hitzilopochti or the Hummingbird Wizard, the patron God of the Aztec culture, was said to be identified by a bracelet of hummingbird feathers which gave him the ability to quietly observe humanity through the mouths of his winged friends. Faithful Aztec warriors believed that if they fell in battle they would be reincarnated as hummingbirds. The Maya Indians credited the very first wedding on earth as the union of two Dzunuume or Hummers which were gifted their color by their feathered friends and their glimmer by the sun who promised them that forever after their union they would gleam with magic anytime they looked toward him. In North American tribal cultures the hummingbirds were seen as the bringers of rain, saviors of the earth and even messengers of the heavens; and their veneration traveled well beyond native lore. When the first Spaniards landed in the New World they referred to the birds as Joyas Voladores or Flying Jewels. Even Columbus, who had a hard time describing them to friends and family in Europe, referred to them as Flying Marvels. And so it is no surprise that they continue to inspire esteem today in those who have had the opportunity to set eyes upon their flight. Emboldened by that spirit, this November Paseo Originals Art Gallery will feature fine art that shimmers and jewels that shine in an event which is sure to inspire our hearts and our heart's desire.