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Talia Swartz Parsell




Talia Swartz Parsell Artist Statement:


I am fascinated with the sense of place and its power to influence our life experiences. Each place in our world renders different emotional experiences, evokes various feelings and can give us a sense of authentic human attachment and belonging. Our memories are shaped and dictated by this sense of place and time in our lives. In my paintings, I try to re-create a memory or feeling of a place and render the experience on a two-dimensional surface. I am drawn to both urban and natural spaces and often seek to balance them in a playful juxtaposition. My paintings are an attempt to bring solace to these two opposing worlds and create one shared, communal space. Using shapes in their most basic form, I create an elementary-like depiction of the objects in my paintings. I use a bold, primary color palette to create a sense of playfulness in my paintings. My whimsical, illustrative approach to painting is also based on a lifelong adulation of children’s books where the simplest and arguably the most important ideas are portrayed in clever ways. My paintings are personal responses and memories devoted to the places that have shaped my life experiences.




Bachelor of Education in Art 2002

University of Toledo, Ohio


Master of Art in Painting 2009


Adams State University, Alamosa, CO