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Tomoaki Orikasa


Tomoaki Orikasa left his home in Chiba, Japan to study business administration at the University of Central Oklahoma in 1994 but business administration would not keep his creative interest appeased. It was not long before he was back, dabbling in the arts; finding work as a supervisor and mold maker at the Crucible foundry in Norman, OK. Tomoaki says, "My creative desire is to capture transient flashes of inspiration in three dimensional forms. I attempt to emphasize what is most essential to me in each piece. Then, I give form to it in the most appropriate style and most suitable casting medium. Afterwards I transfer it to more permanent medium such as bronze." Tomoaki adds, "The most important thing to me is to have the freedom of my own tone with a particular subject and not to be restricted by previous expression or predetermined approach. The art I create is as much a part of my self-discovery in craftsmanship as it is to explore the extent of my subjects."