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When you walk into the average new home you are bound to find novel technology, you may even be lucky enough to find groundbreaking architecture, but likely most of what you will see will be tired, dated or generally expected. Fortunately there are artists today innovating for tomorrow; they are the ultramodern. They set the precedent for what can be and what will be. Adept in the present they help us to realize our future and inspire the evolution of our taste. This September at Paseo Originals Art Gallery Benjamin Soehnel and Morgan Robinson will grant us a glimpse into what is coming. The juxtapositional exhibit "Ultramodern" will feature furniture designs rooted in organic sculpture, capturing geometric and representational elements, while contrasting lavish wall compositions of layered color, packed with dramatic perspective that is full of fresh, raw vitality creating a space that breathes life without actually living. To create an atmosphere of livable space Lead Interior Designer, Duff Jack of Suburban Contemporary Furnishings teamed up with Gallery Director, Tony Morton to bring together some of the exceptional designs from Suburban's collection meshing them with the works of Soehnel and Robinson in a masterfully cohesive environment that is befitting the future of design.

Born in Munich Germany in 1980 Soehnel earned a Bachelor of Cognitive Science and a Masters in Advanced Management. He maintains that art has always been his passion and that his collegial education fueled his desire to to evolve to new media processes. Benjamin says, "When I was young I used to paint black structures on white varnished wood. Then I discovered Video Feedback Art. A video camera is pointed at its own monitor, so that the monitor virtually shows itself. This loop causes abstract patterns in motion, which can be enhanced by mirroring, inversion and additional interferences. It was in 1997 I created Digital Surface Art." Benjamin disassembles algorithmic patterns by color and fills each with new patterns. Thereby emerges a complex structure, which he superposes with artificial or natural textures manipulating it into a sophisticated surface by means of distortion and exposure to light. The entire process is driven by his inner voice. The compositions are not per-determined, but are developed during the process. Digital Surface Art is abstract and semi-representational. It is self-governed and does not reproduce definite reality, but has links to personal experiences. The production process is laser image on aludibond, which gives the digital surface a stunning physical nature. Each print is signed and remains a one of a kind production. Digital Surface Art is an advancement of algorithmic art and is made entirely through digital and computer processes. It is not art of chance, but art of choice.

Morgan Robinson is a visual artist working primarily in the three dimensional realm of sculpture. A graduate of the University of Central Oklahoma, Robinson furthered his education working as a cabinet maker. After several years perfecting his cabinet making abilities Morgan traveled to Hashimoto, Wakayama, Japan to study traditional woodworking methods that have been used for centuries. While in Japan Morgan came into numerous designs by internationally renowned artist Isamu Noguchi; who became a major influence on Robinson's design philosophy. After returning to his home town, Stillwater, Oklahoma, Morgan set up a woodworking and metal fabrication studio where he crafts modern designs. Morgan's work blurs the lines between aesthetic beauty and functionality. Morgan's early work was curvilinear; experimenting with techniques and materials that would inform his future pieces. His most recent work ventures into the geometric, while occasionally returning to his roots in organic structure. His materials consist primarily of metals and a variety of woods including laminates. Through the crafting of each design he pays respect to the materials that allow for the composition. Morgan's creative process focuses on merging eastern philosophies of minimalism and sculptural form into a functional artistic statement. Robinson says of his work, "I make forms and give them function."

The combination of the two artists will prove aesthetically enlightening to all who endear to reside in an environment that promotes vitality. The Paseo Originals Art Gallery will open the exhibit to the public on Friday, September the 7th and will sustain the works through Sunday, September the 30th. The opening reception for "Ultramodern" will take place on Friday, September the 7th from 6:00 – 10:00 PM during the Paseo First Friday Art Walk. There will be an artists talk in the feature gallery the following Saturday, September the 8th starting at 3:00 PM where the artists will discuss their history, and their creative method. The gallery will also host a cocktail closing reception just prior to the exhibit close on Saturday, September the 29th from 6:30 – 9:00 PM. Attendance to the gallery and all associated events is free and open to the general public. Paseo Originals Art Gallery is a private fine art gallery located in the Historic Paseo Arts District at the south end of Paseo Creek. Focusing on contemporary fine art, fine craft Americana, handcrafted jewelry and large scale sculpture the gallery represents established, mid-career and emerging artists of exceptional caliber. With one of the largest spaces in the Paseo District, the gallery hosts monthly exhibits defined in three gallery exhibit spaces featuring both national and international artists who exemplify the unique characteristics of a collectable fine artist. Showcasing ingenuitive and technically evolved artworks, Paseo Originals is dedicated to the beginning and established collector. The gallery is open Tuesday through Friday from 11am – 6pm Saturday from 11am – 5pm and Sunday from 1pm – 5pm. Paseo Originals Art Gallery is located at 2920 Paseo Street, Oklahoma City, OK 73103 and can be reached by phone by calling 405.604.6602. For more information on gallery events please visit the Paseo Originals website at


Sep 7 – Sep 30, 2012