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The Mind's Eye


 All people are born with the capacity to visualize something that exists but to envision what can be is a skill possessed by few. The mind's eye is an enviable ability that every great artist must master, a spatial sense which allows the construct of creating to begin. Some persons are conceived with this ordained gift of sight, but most must work diligently to be a virtuoso of its application. Artists Jan Brieschke and Brett McDanel, remarkable Promethean pioneers of art, have the irrefutable ability to apply the mind's eye in conjuring what can be. Distinct in their creative methods, both artists push the boundaries of their artistic genera’s to new extremes. Paseo Originals Art Gallery will be exhibiting the new works of McDanel and Brieschke in the feature gallery through the month of August 2012.

Norman artist Brett McDanel, also known as “The Crazy Bird Man,” constructs innovative industrial steampunk sculptures from found objects and bone. For the last six years McDanel has spent his free time scouring the streets and the scrap yards for parts that, to most people, are insignificant. The artist states, “When walking down the street you find a random piece of metal that doesn’t belong there. All by itself, it’s just a piece of metal, but when you place it with other objects, it becomes something bigger... a part of something. All together these creations have a place.” He relates it to his own life story adding, “I spent half my life lost and then somewhere along the way something clicked and put me where I belong... here working with metal.” Using his background in construction he up-cycles gears, widgets, thingamabobs and other found parts, animating them into action as featherless fiends, clawed cats, humanoid busts, edgy furnishings and otherwise eccentrically whimsical sculpture that often delivers a dark comical mood. He does not sketch or premeditate the designs. McDanel envisions the pieces assembling in his mind's eye and attacks his hoard of jumbled parts with welding torch and grinder in hand. The resulting assemblages may take hours, days, or weeks, but in every case create an object of whimsy and an astute example of the beautiful grotesque. Brett has created quite a reputation for his found object innovations. So much so that he now finds metal donations delivered to his home lawn and representative gallery on a weekly basis which has dramatically decreased his need to scour for parts and allowed him much more time to assemble them. For the feature exhibition of his work this August McDanel will showcase over twenty new up-cycled works of fine art.

Jan Brieschke's professional career as an artist and arts educator spans over twenty years trailing from Texas to Hong Kong. She grew up painting and drawing for countless hours in the suburbs of Chicago. Jan's love for creativity led her to gain a BFA from Illinois Wesleyan University in Bloomington, IL. Armed with a desire to share her appreciation for the arts she later went on to earn a masters in arts education at the University of Houston. Now settled in the quiet town of Bartlesville, Oklahoma she has found the peace to perfect the style she refers to as, “Fractured Light”. The artist affirms,” One of the major artistic goals in creating my artworks is to develop compositions that will constantly offer new prospectives to those who live with them.” An achievement in the abstract representational movement, her work stems from life and is recreated through her unique vision of positive and negative color abstraction. Brieschke starts with a fluid acrylic line drawing of her representative subject then positions directional lines throughout the composition. Working in water media with flat color she fills the sectional composition using the color to create positive and negative structure for the subject. The resulting illustrations offer unparalleled movement which draw the eye to definitive focal areas rather than distinctive focal points which aided by value assist in the viewer’s ability to discern the abstracted subject. Although the subject matter of her work varies widely, the common threads defining her style are color and movement. With the ability to focus her mind's eye full time she has become prolific in the production of new work. For her feature exhibition this August the artist will debut a large selection of new watercolor and acrylic abstractions.

Open to the public six days a week the Paseo Originals Art Gallery would like to invite you to come in and embrace the creative endeavors of these two illustrious artists. The gallery will host an opening reception on Friday, August the 3rd from 6:00-10:00 PM during the Paseo First Friday Artwalk. Both artists will be in attendance during the opening which will also host a spread of food, drink and live music to ease the senses. The following day, Saturday, August 4th at 3:00 PM, the two featured artists will present a short artist talk in the feature gallery focusing on their biographical history, creative method and artistic inspiration. On Sunday, August the 19th from 1:00-4:00 PM the artists will be demonstrating their technique in and outside of the gallery during Sunday on Paseo Creek hosted by the Paseo Creek Galleries in the 2900 block of the Paseo Arts District. The exhibition will come to a climax at the Cocktail Closing Reception which will be hosted in the gallery on Saturday, September 1st from 6:30-9:00 PM. The last call view for “The Mind's Eye” exhibit will be on Sunday, September 2nd 2012. There is no charge to view the gallery exhibits which are open to the public Tuesday-Friday 11:00-6:00 PM, Saturday 11:00-5:00 PM and Sunday 1:00-5:00 PM. The gallery is located at 2920 Paseo. If you have any questions about the exhibit or events please contact the gallery directly at 405.604.6602 or check up with them on the web at

The Mind's Eye

Aug 3 – Sep 2, 2012