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New Works: Katherine Liontas-Warren


 A successful artist will work harder than any doctor or lawyer. They will labor constantly; investing into their own self-discovery, their art and their community with little return. Katherine Liontas-Warren has been spreading her wings across the nation and the globe since moving to Oklahoma in 1984 where she took work as a professor of art at Cameron University where she still teaches today. Known internationally for her prowess in the printmaking arts Katherine's adept understanding of drawing and painting media cannot be overstated; after all she has been instructing on the subjects for over twenty five years. Since moving to Oklahoma in 84' she has exhibited her works in over 350 solo, invitational and juried exhibitions across the nation and the globe. Her list of awards, publications, collections and accolades is incredibly extensive; her works on paper collection list numbering into over 34 public and private collections across the U.S. and seven countries. Recently the Museum of Art at Texas Tech University acquired 61 works by Liontas-Warren for their American Artist Printmaker Research Collection. Though she has experienced success building her career in the arts she considers her works ephemeral. Counter to that point the artist notes her drive for creating, “I love creating art. Each work is a self-discovering fulfillment that continues to change and grow every day of my life.” Being much like water, the form she assumes each day is driven by the artistic experience that embodies her.



This November the Katherine Liontas-Warren will debut two bodies of new works, in drawing and painting media, which speak directly to her heritage, the effervescence of art and the nature of our senses. The highly relative bodies of work depict massive Grecian vessels and various avian species as metaphoric symbols. In her series statement Katherine advises, “Time eventually wipes away all forms of art, leaving us only with impressions of their former appearance. Many of the vases contain images of Greece and faces of my Greek relatives. Although they are emblazoned on my art, one day these faces will only be memories subject to the erosion of time. I ultimately want to share with the viewer my artistic senses, which cannot fade or lose their reliability. The forms in my art represent a love for mark making, experimentation, and the evolution of a process. The birds depicted in the drawings and paintings also relate to Greece. The birds are named after philosophers to draw parallels between their freedom of thought and the freedom of flight. The use of negative space emphasizes their open-mindedness.” Further exemplifying her use of metaphor are the works titled Apsuchos; a commentary on Epicurus’s statement that “death is nothing to us, since when we are, death has not come, and when death has come, we are not.”



Paseo Originals Art Gallery will host a public opening reception for “New Works: Katherine Liontas-Warren,” featuring the artist's twenty-four new medium to large scale works, on Friday, November 1st from 6:00-10:00 PM during the First Friday Art Walk on Paseo. The opening reception and all associates events are free and open to the public. The exhibit is scheduled to run through the end of November and will close on December 1st. Paseo Originals Art Gallery, voted Best Art Gallery 2012 & 2013 by the Oklahoma Gazette readership and Best Art Gallery by the Daily Oklahoman's readership in the 2013 Readers Choice Awards, is a private fine art gallery located in the Historic Paseo Arts District. Focusing on contemporary fine art, the gallery represents established, mid-career and emerging artists of exceptional caliber. With one of the largest spaces in the Paseo District, the gallery hosts monthly exhibits defined in two gallery exhibit spaces featuring both national and international artists who exemplify the unique characteristics of a collectable fine artist. Showcasing ingenuitive and technically evolved artworks, Paseo Originals is dedicated to beginning and established collectors. The gallery hosts opening receptions for exhibits on the first Friday of each month during the Paseo First Friday Art Walk. The gallery also features lectures and demonstrations. The gallery is open Tuesday through Friday from 11am – 6pm, Saturday from 11am – 5pm and Sunday from 1pm – 5pm. Paseo Originals Art Gallery is located at 2920 Paseo Street, Oklahoma City, OK 73103 and can be reached by calling 405.604.6602.

New Works: Katherine Liontas-Warren

Nov 1 – Dec 1, 2013