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From Darkness to Light


November 3rd – 29th, 2011 Paseo Originals Art Gallery will be featuring a co-show with artists Scott and Sohrabian. The art exhibited reflects life's trials, altered perceptions and the drive to create an expression of the experience's impact on our existence. The gallery will host an opening reception, with live music, during the Paseo Arts District First Friday Art Walk from 6pm - 10pm on November 4th, 2011. Wine, refreshments and hor d'oeuvers will be served during the evening's reception. The exhibit, "From Darkness to Light" will feature a select array of sculptural forms by Barbara Scott and mixed media on canvas by Behnaz Sohrabian. The exhibit and reception are open to the public.

Curatorial Statement

"From Darkness to Light", is an incarnation of the first faltering steps of investigation into the value placed on humanity and spirit. Issues addressed in the mixed media works of Behnaz Sohrabian are gathered around a dichotomy of self and others; framing an argument that is bordered on one side by lack and on the other by a palimpsest of social cohesion. Engaging the viewer further the sculptures of Barbara Scott comprise a heuristic explication of the ethereal as impacted by individual continuance and experience. Caught between the tensions of being and nothingness both artists question their materiality, challenging the social standards which impose restriction on greater percipience of human aspirations and desires.

Behnaz Sohrabian

At the tender age of ten, fascinated by a woman neighbor studying drawing in her home country Iran, Behnaz Sohrabian opened her eyes to the possibility of art. At the time Behnaz saw art as more something to appreciate rather than something to embrace. During the most influential years of her youth she would experience the Islamic Revolution, the Iran-Iraq War and the Green Movement in Iran; all of which had a major impact on her decision to create art. Sohrabian would receive her first Bachelors of Science in applied chemistry at Azad University, followed by a second Bachelors in Fine Art at Alzhara University and a Master Degree in Art Studies at the University of Art. In Behnaz's work it is the identity of humanity which is often questioned. The influence of her political and social undertakings as a young woman manifest themselves in the multilayered nature of her paintings, reflecting the uncertainties of life while searching for stability and a greater understanding in an ever so slowly changing world.

Barbara Scott

Unsettled in her upbringing of frequently moving as a child with her family, at eighteen Barbara Scott would take flight to discover things that would alter her perceptions of the world and engage her in art. First hitchhiking from Oklahoma to California, she eventually saw many places and engaged in a variety of work, from working in the Rio Grande for trail maintenance in New Mexico, to offshore fishing in Gloucester, Massachusetts and farming in North Dakota. During her travels Barbara endured many times of darkness as well as of light. Her need for expression, when words were inadequate, found form in art. Scott says of her work, "I am keenly aware of both our fragility and our heartbreaking beauty, nobility and strength of spirit as we live in the material world." Her current sculpture includes natural materials such as wood, bone and stone, whose capacity for transformation into new forms of beauty and meaning, are fitting to reflect the unfolding mystery of being human – reaching in, through and beyond the physical for that which surpasses time and limits.

From Darkness to Light

Nov 3 – Nov 29, 2011