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Rotating Selections by Gallery Artists


A Select Rotation of New Works by Gallery Artists

Prior to Art Santa Fe we received an abundance of new works from some your favorite gallery artists. We were fortune it to see so much interest in the works in that show! We are all so fortune it to have an incredible surplus of new works in our inventory of works from you to choose from when selected works to meet your needs.  Kasum Contemporary Fine Art’s eclectic consortium of gallery artists are defined by their provocatively bold artworks which challenge the observer as much as the artist; be it through technique, concept, emotion or the sheer deafening volume of compassion behind the work. It is our philosophy that while anyone can create art, artists are rare; true artistry exists in the conception, the delivery and the drive to exceed the expected in all capacities.

Rotating Selections by Gallery Artists

Jul 30 – Oct 1, 2015